HUNT Telecom…it’s that simple

Running a business takes a lot of attention.  To keep things moving, you need a state of the art communications system.  A way to reach and be reached…wherever, whenever.

At Hunt Telecom we take care of the high tech complexities and make it easy for you…from installation to onsite training to reading the bill.  Hunt makes it that simple. .

As Louisiana’s largest privately owned telecom and data provider we connect government, schools, tourism, and business.  Now, we want to connect you.

Providing a robust communications system doesn’t mean a closet full of expensive … outdated…bulky phone equipment.  Hunt Telecom can give you a system that’s more than just talk.

Our Voice over IP service is a business solution that keeps you on the cutting edge…without the expense.  We do that.  We connect your company to our state of the art data center for clear calls and lightning fast internet.  Need Fiber? We own ours, miles and miles of it

And we can design, install, and manage it all….with no equipment purchase or upfront expense.  That’s right, no equipment needs to be purchased.

So, you get a feature rich phone system with HD quality, continuous upgrades, all with white glove attention.

Totally scalable to expand and grow with you.

What if disaster strikes?… …we have a plan, generators and backups  are in place …so if something unexpected happens…your phones and internet still work and follow you wherever you go.

In fact, at any time, you can make and receive calls from your home or mobile device… using your office number.

This is seamless communication, accessible from anywhere… multiple locations, remote workers…your virtual office…

It’s your business….and every decision you make matters.

Let us be your communications solution.

Give us a call…Hunt Telecom…it’s that simple.

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